Whole Again Review

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Photo courtesy of band Facebook page
Photo courtesy of band Facebook page

Front Porch Step is a Indie band out of Ohio who have been hard at work on a new EP. Said Ep, Whole Again is set to be released on Dec. 2, 2014! Fans have been anxiously waiting to get their hands on this new music, so lets take a look and see if you need this EP in your collection.

THe EP starts off with “A Lovely Mess”, this is a a lyrically great song. The lyrics are catchy and deep at the same time. The acoustic guitar and vocals mix well and sound great throughout this song and the EP overall. There is some fluctuation in the vocals that can kind of jar you out of a groove sometimes (not often) though. Overall I would say that it is a good song and good way to start the EP.

I love the next song “Heaven Sent”, but I want to leave that one for you to be surprised with and love too! [Check it out for yourself at the bottom!]

The band follows this with a cover of the classic “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”. While I would say that this is a good cover I think that the placement on the EP is a little odd in my opinion. It doesn’t seem to mix with the previous songs and I think would have worked better as the last song on Whole Again.

The EP closes up with the title track “Whole Again”. This is probably the most powerful song on the EP vocally. I think this song has some of the most relateable lyrics and I think it will touch many fans.

Track Listing:
A Lovely Mess
Heaven Sent
I’ll Be Home for Christmas
Whole Again

Favorite Tracks
Heaven Sent
Whole Again

Overall I think this is a good EP; that features strong lyrics and vocals. Whole Again can sometimes throw you for a switch up with a big change in vocals sometimes but it does keep you on your toes. I think it is an EP worth checking out if you enjoy acoustic music with punk vocals!

[rating: 3.5/5]
Brian Swann

Brian Swann

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