Artist Spotlight: K. Flay

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Life As A Dog Cover
Life As A Dog Cover

Life As A Dog by K. Flay is one of those albums that hits you out of no where with how genius it is.
At first you’re just casually in it, and then she ropes you in with reckless abandon. The album is fun while still being deep and having parts that make you sit back like, “Shit, that’s my life”.
Give this unique artist a shot, and I do not think you will be disappointed with her brand of Indie/Hip Hop. Pick up the album on iTunes.

Favorite Tracks
Everyone I Know
Get It Right
Can’t Sleep

[rating: 4.5/5]

Photo courtesy of K. Flay
Photo courtesy of K. Flay

K. Flay is an Indie/Hip Hop artist out of San Francisco, CA. This artist has such a great unique sound that BareBones had to take their chance to sit down and chat with her. If you haven’t heard K. Flay yet, you have been missing out. Check out what all she had to tell us!

BS: You have such a unique sound. What made you want to make music the way you do?
KF: When I started making music, I essentially had no idea what I was doing — I think that lack of precedent or expectation has affected the way I approach writing & producing today. I like rapping, I like singing, I like mixing genres, I like pushing myself into different territories. and I still feel like I don’t have rules for myself.

BS: What bands and artists have inspired the music that you make?
KF: Lately, Lykke Li, Tame Impala, Phantogram, St. Vincent, Kid Cudi.

If you could have created any song in history what would it be and why?
KF: Ooh that’s a hard one. maybe “Lua” by Bright Eyes. I fucking love that song.

BS: So you’re currently on Warped Tour, what is that like for you?
KF: It’s been amazing. I play on the beatport stage & we’ve got such a community of artists — it’s like a little family. performance-wise, it’s been really interesting not knowing our set time until 10AM the day of the show. You sort of have to create a psychological readiness to play at any moment.

BS: What has been your favorite date you’ve played so far? Why?
KF: Mountain View, since it was a hometown show. those are always the best. Plus I got to see my parents, hang out in Oakland & take a hot shower.

BS: Are there any dates you are especially looking forward to and why?
KF: I’m really looking forward to the minneapolis date. We’ve got a lot of friends there & the music scene is so supportive.

BS: You recently released a new album Life As A Dog, which is absolutely fantastic. What was making that album like?
KF: Thank you so much. Making the album was really amazing. I basically bounced between LA, New York, & San Francisco for 6 months writing, recording, & mixing it. I left my label last fall, which meant I had to give up a ton of the songs I had written — initially that felt a bit demoralizing, but it ended up being a complete blessing. I started making the record with a bit of a blank slate, which I think really helped me rediscover my instincts.

Photo courtesy of K. Flay
Photo courtesy of K. Flay

BS: How have fans responded to the album?
KF: The response has been incredible. & I can’t wait for more people to hear it.

BS: What songs stand out right now as fan favorites off of it? Your favorite?
KF: It seems like fan favorites are “Make Me Fade” & “Turn It Around”. My personal favorite is “Everyone I Know”.

BS: You made a music video for the song, “Thicker Than Dust,” which looks like it was a hell of a lot of fun. What was making that video like? [Video at bottom]
KF: We shot the video in San Francisco, so there was a lot of hometown love going on. A bunch of the cameos are people who helped make the record or who are a part of the project in some way. It felt like a really natural celebration of the album & of the bay area. There was also beer.

BS: What other songs would you consider making a video for?
KF: All of them! Seriously though, I want to do as much visually as possible with the record. Now that I’m label free, I feel incredibly inspired & empowered.

BS: What can fans expect to see from you after Warped is over?
KF: More touring, more trouble, more music. [Dallas, Please!]

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?
KF: Without you, this record never would have come out. Love your butts.

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