Jaret and Kelly Sittin’ In A Tree Album Review

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Good friends, Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup) and Kelly Ogden (The Dollyrots) have reunited and released a new album. Sittin’ In A Tree was released on Mar. 1, 2019, and is bringing these fanbases back together again. Do you need to be a fan of these bands to like this duets album though? No, I don’t think so. Take a stroll below and see what we thought about the album.

Sittin’ In A Tree cover art

First off I just have to say, Damn, this album is catchy. After half a song through or one time through I found myself singing along to the songs. Sittin’ In a Tree is a pop-punk album of duet (mainly) relationship/couple songs. Now I love a good love song, but what makes these even better is they are a special take on love songs.

The biggest praise I can say is I sent the music video to “Doin’ Alright”, to my wife (after listening to it 3 times) telling her, “If this isn’t the fucking realest relationship song I have ever heard!” These songs are like a real look at relationships. They aren’t overly lovey to a point where you are listening and seeing it as unattainable. These are the songs that your average, every day couple can listen to and say, “Man, I’ve been there”, and be able to relate to it.

I really enjoy this album a lot, and think Jaret and Kelly did a fantastic job on it. I think that this album is really going to stand out and last a good while on people’s play lists. The relatable lyrics, catchiness, and overall musicianship of Jaret and Kelly make this a must have in my opinion. I highly recommend picking up Sittin’ In A Tree now and giving it a good listen.


Track listing:

Here We Go

Doin’ Alright

Something I’m Not

Make Her Miserable

Butterflies (The Crush Song)

Kids Again

Rocket Ride

Yourself Again

Let’s Just See How It Goes

How Did We Get Here

That Night

Daddy’s Girl

You Win

Even If It Kills You


Favorite Songs

Doin’ Alright

Kids Again

Butterflies (The Crush Song)

Something I’m Not

Even If It Kills You

Rating: [usr=4.5]

Pick Sittin’ In A Tree up: Amazon/J&K Store/Spotify

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